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The Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

The Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

by The Alpha Vegan

The chamomile flower is not only beautiful but also has healing and health properties.
Many people consume chamomile tea every day and enjoy its health benefits.

Chamomile flowers serve many significant health benefits compared to other flowers.

Scientists have found the result that chamomile flowers have good chemicals called flavonoids.
It is nutrients that can be found in some plants which have medicinal effects.

Besides, this chamomile tea brings more good as it tastes super fresh and smooth flavor.
Seriously, consuming flowers by turning them into tea form isn’t bad at all.

It is so refreshing and presents many health benefits including providing healthy skin, improve the quality of sleep, lowering the risk of heart diseases, and maintaining a good immune system in the body.

Want to make your cup of warm chamomile tea now while reading the goodness effects in this article?
Serve yourself a cup of chamomile tea now.

The Health Benefits of chamomile tea

Although it is not a real tea, as it tends to be seen as herbal tea, consuming chamomile steeped tea had been done by people since ancient society. People already acknowledged the benefits of a warm cup of chamomile tea.

Here is the list of health benefits of chamomile tea:

  1. Relieving stress

A glass of warm chamomile tea will help you to relieve your stress level as it gives a more relaxing feeling while you drink and smell the tea.
The main reason behind it is the powerful ability of chamomile flowers to ease stress and anxiety.

No wonder, it had become an herbal remedy since the ancient era.
An article published in Holistic Nursing Practice Journal which was written by Stephanie Ross explained how the chamomile flower has the ability to soothe our mind by increasing then releasing two anti-stress hormones, serotonin, and melatonin in our body.

Because of that, our body can alleviate the stress feeling and let the day slip away without feeling anxious and stressed out too much.

  1. Improve your skin and hair health

Drinking chamomile tea can improve your overall skin and hair health.

If you are having some skin conditions and hair problems, including a cup of warm chamomile tea can be an option. You can also treat other bad skin problems such as scaly skin and itchy skin by using chamomile tea for baths.

The study has shown that chamomile tea contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to relieve any irritations in the skin including rosacea and eczema. The reason is that the chamomile flowers contain polyphenols and phytochemicals to speed up the healing process.

This herb flower is also the best skincare item to minimize wrinkles and breakouts. The polyphenols will give a big contribution to remove any free radicals in our skin, including keeping our scalp away from having dandruff. You can directly drink the tea or put it directly on the skin by taking baths of chamomile tea or use it in the toner.

Thus, you will have healthy and shiny hair, and better smooth and healthy skin too.

  1. Promotes a better quality of sleep

Because it can help the body produce two stress-free hormones serotonin and melatonin to the body, it allows us to ease the anxiety and stress pressured feeling.

It leads to a more restful repose and makes you relax more and improve the quality of sleep. It is best for people who are suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep apnea. This is supported by the Journal of Advanced Nursing which is uploaded in 2015 that explained how chamomile tea promotes a better quality of sleep for people who have a high-stress level and even depression.

The research had 80 Taiwanese women who were suffering from sleep disorders as the participants to drink chamomile tea for 2 weeks every day. The participants started to enjoy the benefits of chamomile tea before bed. They proved that their sleep disorders began to ease. They reported that their sleep inefficiency had decreased compared to before the chamomile tea experiment.

  1. Cure any digestion problem

The chamomile tea is not only a great herb agent to fight any stress and depression level, and also beauty problems for skin and hair. Consuming chamomile tea is also a great way to aid digestion issues. It can help you to resolve any digestive problems including upset stomach or irritable bowel syndrome for adults or even for children.

A study that is published in Phytomedicine had stated that the combination of chamomile flowers, licorice roots, and peppermint leaves can help to prevent gastric ulcer productions.

Besides, the antioxidant level in the chamomile flowers helped to reduce the acid and decrease leukotrienes that being a great cause of ulcers. By reducing the ulcers, it will fight any gassy trouble which leads to upset stomach issues.

  1. Promotes heart health

Heart disease is a big factor of death in the world. It came and attacks unpredictably, a reason is because of the poor health of the heart. So, to prevent ourselves from sudden death caused by heart health failure is to maintain its health.

Luckily, chamomile tea is here to keep our hearts healthy. A study has proven that chamomile tea can lower your blood pressure and bad cholesterol level which likely caused blood clog and high sugar levels in the bloodstream.

  1. Improving the immune system

Another health benefit offered by a glass of warm chamomile tea is to boost its immune system. It helps to improve the immune system in the body to fight cold and catch.

The aromatic smell of chamomile flowers helps to clear any congested sinuses and also anti-bacterial. Hence, it is a great property to defeat any bacteria that weaken the immune system

Nutritional value in chamomile tea

This fragrant infusion of fresh and dried chamomile flowers have been used since ancient times, even in ancient Egyptian times.

This even became one of nine sacred herbs mentioned in the Anglo – Saxon medical texts and called as Plants’ physician because of the healing benefits that it offers.

To break it down for you, here is the list of nutritional values in a warm chamomile tea:

  • Active chemical substances including bisabolol, luteolin, chamazulene, and apigenin which is used in several herbal remedies
  • Flavonoids work best as anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory agent
  • It contains constituents to soothe the mind and eases the nervous system to reduce anxiety and stress level
  • Its other variety of herbal parts work well to fight skin inflammation, sunlight injuries, and cleansing the blood.
  • It also contains other essential minerals such as copper, zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, and manganese.

The possible combination with chamomile tea

Chamomile tea was used only for medicinal herbs. However, it becomes a big hit to be included in daily diet intake. It has an earthy, flowery, and fresh taste.

However, you can always level up your adventurous level to make this tea even tastier.

  • Add lemongrass and lemon to create a uniquely better taste. It will give you more nutrient boosts
  • To make it tastier and more fragrant, add a lavender flower to it. It will improve your good mood.
  • Do a little experiment by adding other flavors such as vanilla, licorice, rose petals, or peppermint

Chamomile tea side effects

Chamomile tea sounds like a heaven drink that is healthy and tasty.

However, if you consume it too much, you will get vomiting, can cause drowsiness, and even trigger allergic reactions if you have allergies that relate to daisy family plants.


Chamomile tea is one of the most popular beverages which also is used as natural medicine.
It is made from dried chamomile flowers and infused into hot water.

Most people consume it as a caffeine-free alternative with a bunch of health benefits including anti-inflammation, antioxidant apigenin, control the blood sugar level, improve the immune system, promoting healthy skin and bone.

Although some people might have allergies to chamomile, most people are safe to drink it.
In fact, having negative sides to drinking chamomile tea is barely any.


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