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What do vegans eat

What do vegans eat – list of food

by The Alpha Vegan

If you are new to a vegan lifestyle, you may be wondering “What do vegans eat, exactly?”

Vegan actually has numerous food choices that they can eat.

For those who aren’t familiar with this lifestyle, you may confuse.

There are people who choose to be vegan for different reasons.
Some of them would choose this lifestyle as they want to eat more vegetable to be healthier or very healthy, or they want to enter this lifestyle as they are at high risk for getting heart disease or cancer and need to train themselves to eat more fruits and vegetables, others might choose to vegans for ethical reasons to not harming animals just to feed themselves.

If you are a beginner and you feel confused don’t worry This article will explain everything to you about veganism.

Vegan lifestyle presentation

Over the years, the vegan lifestyle has been increasing rapidly, we now easily can find vegan products in the stores.

Of course, it didn’t go like that from the beginning.
It all start in 1944 when a group of people decided to went from the Leicester Vegetarian Society in English to become a Vegan society.
and just in the last 10 years, we start to see the vegan product in all the stores.

They claimed that they don’t consume any animals and their products including eggs and other dairy products.
It literally means all kinds of animal exploitations for food, fashion, house decorations, and more.

Why people choose to be vegan and what is the definition of vegan

Veganism is a lifestyle that chooses to exclude any animal products for one or all of the reasons mentioned below.


As becoming vegan, we eat way more plant-based diet than the non – vegans do.
This leads to some potential health.

Not only that there are studies showing that going vegan lifestyle has saved people’s lives by reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and strengthening the immune system.

Ethical reasons

Vegans believe in the sanctity of life, whether of humans or of animals.
Everyone deserves to live a life free from persecution and exploitation.

Because of that vegans avoid any animal meat, dairy products, animal-made ornaments, and even clothing made from animal skins or sewn by child exploitation.

Saving Environments

This might sound weird for non – vegans, but becoming vegans instantly turn you to save the earth.

While you choose to exclude any animal hunts, there will be less animal agriculture which has been participating in 65% of global nitrous oxide emission, 9% of carbon dioxide emission, and 35 to 40% of methane emissions.

Therefore If we do not stop animal farming now climate change will continue to worsen.

Furthermore, animal agriculture had taken the water quantity during their animal agriculture processes.

To produce 1 pound of beef, the farmer will need at least 550 – 5,200 gallons of water.

There more we support animal agriculture, the more we support deforestation as they need to burn more lands for cropland. It is one of habitat destruction action which will extinct the animal species in the world.

List of food vegans can eat

Vegan can eat everything except the foods that are of animal origin. It doesn’t mean you can only eat vegetables, fruit, and tofu.

There are many types of dishes based on 100% plants, including some particularly delicious options! Vegan burgers, vegan bean burritos, vegan nachos with salsa and guacamole, vegan sandwiches, vegan pasta, smoothies, vegan pizza, and more.

you can swap all meaty ingredients for plant-based meals as follows:

  • Tempeh
  • Tofu
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Seitan
  • Lentils
  • Beans
  • Maple syrup
  • Vegan milk including soymilk, almond milk, banana milk, or cashew milk

For example, you can swap the scramble eggs with scrambled tofu, dairy milk swapped with almond or cashew milk, honey got swapped with maple syrup or molasses, and more variations. Dairy ice cream

The nutritional value of vegan food

By being vegans, you will still get some nutrition from plant-based meals.

Here are some nutrient by becoming vegan:

  • Plant-based protein including tofu, tempeh, beans, nuts,
  • Carbohydrates including rice, potatoes, taro
  • Iron including seeds, beans, nuts, fermented food
  • Calcium including chickpeas, almond, kale, orange, molasses, plant-based milk
  • Vitamins and minerals can be found in many fruits and vegetables

A list of what can’t vegans eat

Vegans eliminate all menus that are from animals.
Other food that vegan avoid includes:

  • All kind of red meat
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Dairy milk
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • dairy Yoghurt
  • honey
  • All animal-derived ingredients including carmine, gelatin, shellac, whey, casein, isinglass, and pepsin.

Vegans also avoid all ingredients which might include some animal origins including marshmallows, cereals, gum and candies, and some types of wine and beer which are produced using casein and other animal’s origin.

Can vegans eat dairy products, dairy milk, and eggs? Why do Vegans not eat eggs?

Eggs, dairy products including dairy milk are animals’ products.
So, vegan won’t consume them.
They concern about animal welfare.
Vegans believe that eggs should be grown to become new animals, and dairy milk should be produced for animals’ babies.


Being vegan means dedicating themselves to exclude all animal products from animal-based foods, housing decorations, fashions, and everything relates to animals.

The main goal to be vegans were the ethical reasons for animal exploitations.
However, nowadays, people go for vegans for various reasons.

Some of them would choose this lifestyle to attempt to eat more fruits and vegetables, or others may choose it to be healthier and saving more animals from cruelty and exploitation attempts.

Being vegans don’t mean that your food choices are limited, in fact, there are uncountable choices on food a vegan can eat. You won’t run out of ideas on what vegan meals that you want to indulge in tomorrow.

There are so many swapped ingredients choices too. You won’t get starved and bored by only eating vegetables, fruits, and tofu.


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